Sunday, May 20, 2012

The ESSA/SDA Conference – Tim Noakes and the Hydration Debate - Part 2

In the last post we looked at the first two of Professor Tim Noakes' main arguments in his recent ESSA/SDA Conference presentation. In Part Two we'll examine the remaining arguments. I'll also draw my own conclusions from having read through the research on hydration and performance, and identify the areas which I feel we still don't have a full understanding.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The ESSA/SDA Conference – Tim Noakes and the Hydration Debate - Part 1

As mentioned in the last post the recent ESSA/SDA Conference featured many memorable presentations in the sports nutrition field, but probably the most talked about was from Professor Tim Noakes. You may have heard of Tim from his books such as The Lore of Running and Waterlogged, or may be aware of his outspoken stance on hydration science. I’ve read the majority of Tim’s studies over the past few years, but it was the first time I’ve had the chance to see him present it all in one journey. To do this topic justice I’ve decided to review Tim’s presentation and arguments over two separate posts.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Highlights from the ESSA/SDA Conference

Last weekend several hundred of the country’s top exercise & sports scientists and sports dietitians gathered on the Gold Coast for the Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) and Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) conference. There was a great range of speakers on a variety of topics, and here I thought I’d highlight some of those presentations and posters in the sports nutrition area.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Caffeine – Cultural Trend or Performance Enhancer?

Anyone involved in endurance sports (especially cycling) will no doubt be aware of the massive coffee culture. It’s what keeps so many cafes in Melbourne in business. To an outsider, the first question that springs to mind is “why do they do it?” No doubt the café is a big part of cycling culture, and is as much social as anything else. But what about the effect of caffeine on endurance performance? With caffeinated gels, sports drinks, tablets, energy drinks and of course coffee available to an athlete, let’s look at the science behind caffeine and performance.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ironman Nutrition – Could your eating & drinking make you ONE HOUR FASTER?

Here in Melbourne everyone’s starting to get excited about the upcoming Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship, which is just a few weeks away. I’ve got several clients fine tuning their preparations for March 25th. So I thought it’ be a good time to look at the influence that nutrition can have on an Ironman performance.

In the past I’ve worked with many clients to improve their Ironman nutrition, and the results have been fantastic. Some have smashed Personal Bests by well over 30 minutes, and the feedback is usually along the lines of “it was hard to get used to this nutrition strategy, but when I did it made a massive difference”.

So I then went back through the sports nutrition research literature and decided to look at just how much difference a well executed eating and drinking strategy can make. The end product is this collection of Ironman nutrition strategies, which when executed properly could slash up to ONE HOUR off your Ironman finishing time.